Gabriel's Rebellion (2)

Gabriel's Rebellion

Gabriel, a slave of Thomas Prosser of nearby Brookfield plantation, planned a slave insurrection against Richmond on 30 Aug. 1800. The slaves intended to kidnap Governor James Monroe and compel him to support political, social, and economic equality but intense rains delayed the insurgents' scheme. Mosby Sheppard, of Meadow Farm, informed of the plot by family slaves Tom and Pharaoh, dispatched a warning letter to the governor. Monroe called out the militia and Gabriel, his plans foiled, fled to Norfolk. Authorities there captured and returned him to Richmond. Convicted of conspiracy, Gabriel was hanged on 10 Oct. 1800, the last of twenty-six conspirators executed.

Marker: E-102, Virginia Department of Historic Resources (1997)


Brook Rd (S of Hilliard Rd), Richmond, VA 23227
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